Our Services

Risk Management

Identifying and providing risk management solutions to reduce the total cost of risk pertaining to lines of Property/Casualty Insurance. Our professional staff has over 50 years of experience who operate as a team to address all loss areas and pre/post accident investigation in conjunction with our service carriers. Our methodology involves up to five stages depending upon the client’s need:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Measurement
  • Risk Objectives
  • Action Planning – to generate solutions that make sense
  • Monitor, adjust, and make quality improvements

Claims Management

We are available to help you in obtaining funds and reimbursements as well as reducing claim reserves to lower the total dollars spent on claims. We will review loss reports for accuracy to ensure that reserves are established at reasonable levels and initiate discussions with the carriers to reduce reserves. By discussing these issues upfront with the insurance company will help you reduce your claims and reserves which are factored into the calculation of your Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification.

Contractual Risk Transfer

We will assist you in analyzing your current certificate of insurance program and also review contracts and leases pertaining to insurance requirements, waiver of subrogation, and additional insured language.

Experience Modification Analysis

We can analyze your workers' compensation experience modification factor by reviewing the mod worksheets and obtaining a yearly claim review. This allows you to determine the validity of the calculation by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI) and also helps you determine the future insurance cost of your workers’ compensation insurance.

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